// Why Cycling, Running, Golf and Rollerblading glasses?

Beyond simple sports equipment, running/cycling goggles must allow the athlete to concentrate on his race, offering optimal comfort as well as perfect protection against wind, insects and various projections that can be a source of disturbance.

Some useful advice:

Prefer very light frames that may be fitted with a strap for better support.
A ventilation system can be very useful to promote air circulation on the face and the evaporation of perspiration.
Choose a profiled screen with a large field at the top

Most competitive cyclists opt for sunglasses with interchangeable lenses in three or four different colours: brown lenses for strong reflections, grey lenses for everyday riding, yellow lenses for more clarity in very cloudy conditions and clear lenses for conditions without sun.


Cycling: A lightweight frame (with polycarbonate lenses) with thin temples so as not to get in the way under the helmet.


Golf: Choose a pink/vermillon shade to bring out the white of the ball on a wooded background and increase the relief (and therefore the difference in elevation) on the green.