Why do you sometimes see blurry in the water with swimming goggles on?

The side in contact with the water is not flat, so it is possible to see slightly blurred underwater. In swimming pools, 3/4 of the time the head is out of the water, so it is more important to see well outside, the danger being around and rarely in the water.


How do I adjust my swimming goggles?

It is important not to tighten the straps, both when swimming and diving, as this deforms the shells and changes the visual correction.


Why do I have the feeling that my goggles don’t fit my eyesight?

It is sometimes possible to feel a slight discomfort with lenses of strong hyperopia: the convex side being towards the eye, this creates spherical aberrations and therefore discomfort in terms of acuity.


Which colour should I choose for my diving mask?

The black skirt is recommended for freediving or hunting because it does not reflect the sun’s rays, while the white/translucent skirt is recommended for scuba diving where the light is less bright.