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Yoann Stuck collaborates on a limited edition with Demetz: Hurry by Stuck, inspired by passion and escapism.

Portrait of an exceptional athlete, who has never lost sight of his goals

Yoann Stuck – 37 years old – has had an unusual career path into the world of sport and, above all, endurance. He first started jogging in August 2010, not by accident but with no real conviction. He was not at all sporty and certainly did not have a healthy lifestyle, especially in terms of diet. Then he had a reality check. He came to a time in his life when he knew he had to take a new direction, listen to his body and radically change his lifestyle.

After gradually increasing his training, Yoann got the running bug and sport occupied an increasingly important place in his daily life to the point where he could no longer do without it. Today, he puts his energy to good use by researching sports performance and setting new targets.

Enjoyment also played a decisive role in this new phase of his life since he realised that endurance was part of his DNA, as if running had always been inevitable for him, he had always had the necessary abilities lying dormant and that his body had been patiently waiting for several years for his head to catch up. His initial efforts were quickly rewarded.

Yoann Stuck likes to draw on his resources, push himself to the limit and his runs in the heart of nature have become an outlet; they allow him to reconnect with himself, to focus on what is important.
Trail running and cycling have allowed this athlete, with a good head on his shoulders, to find himself through strong values such as sharing his passion and sharing emotions. Yoann Stuck does not seek to be world champion, he wants to achieve the best balance he can between competition and well-being and it looks like he has achieved his goal.

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Our interview with Yoann


“Above all, I like a light frame, which does not move, with lenses suitable for my environment. I want to be able to focus on my running without thinking of anything else except my goal. I must be able to forget I am wearing them and they must give me a real feeling of visual comfort. Design also plays a role in my selection criteria.”


“- Yes, of course! It is the result of real teamwork which has allowed the creation of a frame completely suited to my requirements. When I had the pro-model in my hands, I was really impressed with the results: light frame, ventilated lens, impeccable grip, trendy design. I could straight away see myself running or cycling with these glasses.

When you wear Hurry, I hope it gives you the same feeling of escapism it gives me.”


“- Before Demetz contacted me in 2019, I did not know the brand, to be completely honest But I had a great feeling about it from the first meeting. Discovering this brand was a pleasant surprise for me. In addition to the products, I was also won over by the human-sized company, which has values which echo my own. The team I collaborate with works with passion and conviction. We have established a relationship which goes beyond a mere partnership. In a “difficult” context, we have managed to complete great projects in a very short space of time. The mutual commitment is genuine and we have a relationship of complete trust and confidence. When I get involved in a project, I put my heart and soul into it and I know that with Demetz, it’s just the beginning!”


The Hurry model is available in a limited edition of 6 colours.

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