“We create frames that have a mission to change people’s lives, to bring out the best in them.
Vision should not be an obstacle, anything is possible, you have to believe in your dreams.

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Success through sport

Sport dans la Ville is a Lyon-based association that has been helping young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods to succeed through sport for more than 20 years, in order to transmit strong values that are essential for their personal development and professional integration. Objective n°1: to promote equal opportunities.

What could be more obvious than to mobilize our Demetz teams to help these young athletes see their dreams more closely, by raising their awareness and equipping them with frames adapted to their eyesight and their sport!

All about Sport dans la Ville :

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We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Sport dans la Ville, which accompanies young people from priority neighborhoods on the road to success through sport. What could be more obvious than to mobilize our Demetz teams around this common ambition and to achieve it, to build a project in 3 key steps:


01. Running for the future of youth with Jogg dans la Ville

Engage 1 team of 6 employees in a beautiful sporting and solidarity challenge. A great way to concretely support the development of the Association’s actions and to mobilize for the future of young people in an atmosphere filled with positive energy and sharing.

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02. Make a donation of €10,000

To contribute financially to the construction of a sports field and to commit to providing frames to equip young athletes for their outdoor activities. The opening of a sports field will result in the enrollment of 200 new youth in the sports programs and 50 youth in the Job dans la Ville program.


03. Educate youth who need sports eyewear for their eyesight

Organize a sport awareness session for young people in the 11-13 year old category, in order to equip them with frames adapted to their eyesight and to their sport practice.