Key features of cycling sunglasses


Reduced field of view, together with risks of falls, jolts and environment-related hazards, make it imperative to wear glasses for many sports.
Wind, insects and wind-borne material are the main causes of eye injuries for cyclists.

Bicycling, Mountain biking, Bicycle touring

Choose a streamlined lens with a large field of view at the top and a lightweight frame, with thin temples for greater comfort under your helmet.

Some useful tips

Select sunglasses featuring interchangeable lenses so you can adapt them to the weather and the terrain: yellow lenses in fog to increase depth perception, tinted lenses to reduce glare from reflective surfaces on sunny days.

Our eyewear is designed, first and foremost, to meet the constraints of use and to excel in specific sports environments. The shapes are designed to provide lateral protection against wind and wind-borne material. The field of view is adapted to the special needs of each sport.