// Why Basketball, Football, Handball and Tennis goggles?

Protecting yourself from the fog :
Indoors, you may face the problem of fogging, often due to the heat in the room and perspiration.
In order to maintain optimal vision, choose a model equipped with :

Front or side ventilation systems to circulate air.
Anti-fog treated lenses
Hydrophobic lenses (which facilitate the rapid evacuation of drops on the outside of the lenses)

Protecting yourself from shocks
Ball and/or ball sports can cause shocks, jolts or falls. The chosen goggles must be robust and resistant: made of plastic with silicone shock absorbers on the nose and temples, or equipped with a wide, quick-adjusting strap.

For the adaptation of the corrective lenses, opt for polycarbonate lenses.

Special optical mounting
The Demetz models are equipped with a specific anti-slip grab bar that complies with the ASTM 803-99 protection standards. In case of impact, the lens cannot pass through the frame and protects the wearer’s eye.


picto-masque-lunettes-veloIn the case of volleyball, choose a frame that will give you a good upward field of vision.
In football, a very wide field of vision can be useful!
Curved goggles with protective side shields are ideal.


In tennis: prefer a turquoise blue screen to improve the contrast between the ball, the lines and the clay court background.