// Why a ski mask?

On the snow and in the high mountains, solar radiation is much more intense. Reverberation on the snow considerably increases the harmful effects on the eyes. The mask must protect your eyes from the sun, snow and wind, heavy snowfall and the particularly aggressive ultraviolet rays in the high mountains. Solid and aesthetic, the mask must meet all these criteria.

Some useful advice:
Prefer a mask with a polarizing or photochromic filter in order to :

Reduce the reverberation of snowy and icy surfaces
Optimize vision and visual comfort
Improve contrast and detail
Protect from the sun’s rays

If you choose an over-glasses mask :
The mask must have temporal detachments to allow the temples to pass through and a sufficient interior volume to allow the frame to pass through.

If you choose the Opticob (Optical kit specially designed for masks) :
With suction cup or lamella of stabilization ” the Opticob “, is conceived to be able to directly integrate corrective lenses inside the mask. It comes in 3 sizes: S, M or L.


picto-masque-skiOpt for a mask with a ventilation system to compensate for perspiration and limit the appearance of fogging.


verres-lunettesDual screen mask to maintain clear vision in all conditions, avoid condensation due to thermal differences between the inside and outside of the mask.