// Why Multisports glasses for kids

When swimming, skiing and playing, children should have the same level of correction and visual protection as adults. Children’s eyes are even particularly sensitive to ultraviolet rays.

A few useful tips:
Sports goggles for children should take into account the anatomical proportions of their heads. They should be made of unbreakable materials, and the nose protection and temples should be ultra flexible. Running, climbing, jumping, diving… Our little adventurers must practice their sport safely.
Sunglasses fitted with corrective lenses are medical devices which are regulated health products bearing, under these regulations, the CE mark.
Regardless of the category of lenses chosen (category 3 or 4), the child will always be 100% protected from UV rays. The difference will only be felt on the visual comfort provided by the density of the lens tint against sunlight.


picto-masque-lunettes-veloChoose a flexible frame that resists twisting and a wrap-around curved shape to protect your child in all circumstances.


verres-lunettesSo that nothing spoils the pleasure, opt for quality dark lenses with a good UV filter and blue light protection. A polarizing coating will prevent glare.